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About company Trilobit Systems s.r.o.

About the company

TriloBit Systems was established in 2002 by a group of friends and workmates, who had already been co-operating on various IT projects abroad as well as in Slovakia for a longer time. Thanks to their energy and commitment to constantly implement new ideas and innovations in real life, the company gradually progressed expanding the number of its customers as well as successfully realised projects. Nowadays, TriloBit Systems belongs to stable, well-known and established businesses in Trenčín region.

More than 20 top consultants and experienced professionals ready to help when fulfilling clients` ideas and needs are currently at the disposal. Our philosophy is fair approach, expertise and quality of both our services and products. We have been here for you for more than 16 years, having already accomplished more than 100 projects and supported more than 50 customers and partners. Apart from Slovakia, we also provide our services in some other EU countries (e.g. Germany, Italy, Austria). We enjoy our work and want to grow further with our customers` ideas, be happy about our achievements, continuously learn, so that we can always offer new trends, innovations and top-of-the-range information technology.


We grow further with our customers` ideas. Our successes are based on innovations, new trends and top-of-the-range information technology that we offer.


Web applications

We focus on various kinds of solutions, e.g. e-shops, company profile websites or complex turnkey systems comprising various modules and components. The process of creating web applications covers the acquisition and analysing clients` needs, their transformation in real form, reliable on-time delivery and long-lasting support in its maintenance as well as implementing new requests for changes. As for technology, we focus on open source tools and products based mainly on Java. We use up-to-date trends, processes and development concepts (Angular, HTML5, CI, Github, Microservices, Docker, etc.).

software development - JAVA, XML, PHP, HTML
DMS and registry

DMS and registry

Based on our partnership with the company Asseco Central Europe, a. s., we dispose of a strong team of experts specialised in the creation of document management systems and business process management. Our consultants participate in various projects within the partner`s organisation structure, where their expertise, conscientiousness and loyalty are highly valued.

We participate in the design and development of automated registry management systems (electronic file processing, processing of registry entries and document processing) used by state and public government institutions as well as businesses. These systems comprise the provision of electronic services, integration in other information systems, DMS/EMS management, online document archiving, etc.

eGovernment / eForms

We have already carried out and dispose of necessary know-how in the field of eGovernment. Our experts have supplied a public portal based on Liferay technology, they have designed and created electronic services by means of e-forms using Orbeon forms. An extensive integration in e-Desk and Central portal of public government has been implemented within the web portal.

When creating architecture and technology solutions, the client`s requirements were considered, e.g. the possibility to create content within the portal according to current needs or intuitively guide users in various life situations.

eGovernment / eForms


Data management

We carry out complex business data integration and management, development of various interfaces (ETL / EAI) by means of standardised software tools. We provide professional advisory services concerning metadata analysis, creating data models for various database applications or extensive data warehouses (relational, logical, object-oriented or hierarchical dimensions). We design strategies for master data management and data quality testing, which helps make your processes more efficient. We will show you the right methods and implement them.

We offer complex and professional consulting services using the best data integration tools, e.g. Informatica Power Center, Talend Open Studio, and Azure Data Factory. We can design, deliver and manage various architectural solutions, be they on premises, of hybrid-type or pure cloud platforms. Our team consists of top professionals disposing of long-year practical experience, who have participated in international projects for global multinational corporations.

Data management, Big data
Business inteligence

Business intelligence

Do you need added value from your data, better understand the context and interconnections of various data types and applications within your business? We use BI skills, technology and applications in order to be able to correctly analyse and present business information, which serve as the support for the decision making process (reporting, OLAP, data mining). We can design and create a specialised analytic IS for you.

We can create effective data warehouse (DWH) for analytic queries and archiving large data files, which will enable loading data from various sources and of various formats (flatfiles, rdbms, ws), the best and fastest execution of complex sql queries and which will be flexible enough for the use of analytic tools.

New trends

We are also currently active as far as up-to-date trends are concerned, e.g. Big data, Hadoop or Machine learning. We are learning and following the knowledge related to Data Science, data analysis and artificial intelligence. We dispose of the respective experience, and we can provide consulting services concerning the design and management of cloud systems, e.g. Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Recently, the blockchain technology has been in experts` focus, too. We see the promising potential of this technology thanks to its transparency, protection against additional modifications and alterations, decentralisation of data sharing and B2B transactions. Even if we do not dispose of any real references, we can offer our knowledge in these areas within conceptual or scientific projects (Oracle Blockchain Cloud Platform, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies).

New trends, machine learning


Programming languages

Programovacie jazyky JAVA, Javascript, Python

Java, HTML
Java script

Database systems

Database systems - Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

mySQL, PostgreSQL
Mongo DB


Tools- Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA

Eclipse , IntelliJ IDEA
Fabasoft Suite, Folio
Informatica PC, Talend, MicroStrategy , Jasper reports
Enterprise Architect , SQL developer
TeamCity, Nexus , Maven
Jupyter, Anaconda, Django , Flask
AWS EC2, Azure


Methodology - Agile, SCRUM

Agile, scrum
OOP, Design patterns
CI, DevOps
Docker, Microservices


Technology - J2EE, J2SE, Fabasoft

Fabasoft DMS , Orbeon eForms
Json, XML, XSLT, JQuery , JPA
HTML5, BootStrap, UX
HDFS, Spark, noSql, Pandas , NumPy


Software METRIK


Metrology Information System

What is Metrik?

  • comprehensive record of measuring instruments, gauges and similar devices
  • record of customers
  • record of checks and measurements between calibrations and their assessment in graphic form
  • record of maintenance, breakdowns, repairs
  • record of performed calibrations and their archiving
  • record of work performance
  • basis for invoicing
  • information system for metrologists and calibration laboratories

Why Metrik?

  • up-to-date state of the measurement instrument and its localisation, date of next calibration
  • archive of performed calibrations
  • calculations of measurement uncertainty
  • calibration assessment in graphic form
  • automatic loading of work performance (calibrations)
  • solution in the field of metrology and the record of measurement instruments

Software Online


Information system for restaurants and inns

What is Online?

  • record of goods
  • record of recipes
  • record of cost centres
  • state of stock in cost centres
  • creation of menus
  • billing of receipts
  • following stock movements
  • stocktaking, stock cards

Why Online?

  • up-to-date state of stock
  • overview of sales by groups of goods
  • overview of sales both by items and cost centres
  • profit tracking
  • connection to cash register
  • bookkeeping print reports
  • automatic loading of turnovers



TriloBit Systems, s.r.o.

Street: Biskupická 1802/50

Town: Trenčín

Post code: 91101

Web: www.trilobit.sk

E-mail: trilobit@trilobit.sk

Phone: +421 948 252 856

+421 907 712 355

Company registration number: 36326437

Tax registration number: 2020116681

VAT registration number: SK2020116681

Bank connection: Tatra banka, a.s.

IBAN: SK17 1100 0000 0026 2980 0178

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